Vote in General Election

GENERAL ELECTION (This is considered a "mid-term" election.)
Please note: the most recent "mid-term" election (2014) had the lowest national turnout since WWII!  MN had 51.3% of voters that election. PLEASE VOTE!
(from star-tribune)
Sept. 21  Absentee and early voting opens for general election
Similar to the primary election, voters can begin casting early ballots for the general election in November.
Oct. 16  Pre-registration ends for general election
The last day for voters to register early before the general election.
Nov. 6  General election
This is it: Election Day. Minnesota routinely boasts the highest voter turnout in the nation, and is home to many competitive races with the potential to influence national politics.
Polls in most places open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.