#719 Retired Teachers

(June 30, 2018)

(This page is produced and edited by PLS retired teachers...)



The election "season" is fast approacing.    This year MN will have Governor/Senator/House/and other statewide elections which may/will impact retired teachers.  Please note: the most recent "mid-term" election (2014) had the lowest national turnout since WWII!  MN had 51.3% of voters that election.

You will notice 3 (new) elections topics in the above tabs.  Links to the following are provided:

Tab 1:  Voter-(Pre)Registration.   You must register in MN to vote before you can cast your ballot.  This tab allows you to determine if you are already registered to vote; it also allows you to (pre)register if desired.

Tab 2:  Voter-Primary.  The Primary Election determines the actual candidates for the General Election.  The candidates can be found using the link below.  The MN Primarys are on Aug. 14.  This tab explains the Primary process and takes you to the location where you may find info about your individual Primary vote.  


Tab 3:  Voter-General Election.  The General Election determines the Governor/Senators/House of Reps/and statewide representatives.   This tab identifies the dateline(s) for the General Election.