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Last Update: September 18, 2020

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>  (Sep 25, 2020)  Update on Scott County elections/ballots                                               Link to Scott County updates

>   (September 18, 2020)  Today is the first day for early voting!

>  (September 10, 2020)  General Election ballots in Minnesota will start to be mailed on September 18. For the November 3, 2020 election, your returned ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received by your county by the seventh day after Election Day.                 Link To Status of YOUR Ballot  

 > (August 21, 2020)  General Election: November 3                                                       You can vote in person at your county election office.                                                                Link to Location of Minnesota County Election Office

EARLY VOTING (MINNESOTA)                                                                                          Early voting: September 18 through November 2.                                                                       Check voting status and, if needed, register at this time -- at least by October 13 to save time on Election Day  Link to Minnesota Voter Registration  

ABSENTEE BALLOTS (MINNESOTA)                                                                                1) Check voting status and register if needed   Link to Minnesota Voter Registration     2) Apply for Absentee Ballot   Link to Minnesota Application for Absentee Ballot          NOTE:  Each county may offer "drop boxes" to return Absentee Ballots instead of mailing.  In Scott County, "There are drop boxes at the Govt Center and you can take it to the AB room at the County AB office which is located at the Scott County Hwy dept off of State Aid Hwy 282 right south of Marshall Rd."  "These are the only drop boxes."  "You can drop off 3 ballots plus your own."



Obituaries for 2020

>  (July 11, 2020)  Karen Busselman (wife of long-time Prior Lake teacher and coach Darwin Busselman) passed away on July 11, 2020 at her home.   Link to Karen Busselman Obituary

>  (April 11, 2020) Donna Story, (wife of long-time Prior Lake teacher and coach Court Story) passed away peacefully, from natural causes, on Saturday, April 11, 2020.          Link to Donna Story Obituary 

>  (May 11, 2020) Walker (Lawson), Mary Frances  passed away peacefully on May 11, 2020  Link to Mary Frances (Lawson) Walker

 >  (Apr 28, 2020) Sue Ann Gruver, former Superintendent, passed away April 28, 2020   Link to Sue Ann Gruver Obituary 

 >  (Feb19, 2020) Michael Franck, Jr. High Science Teacher, passed away January 30, 2020 from a massive stroke. He was 2 months shy of his 75th birthday, There was only a private family memorial, according to Mike's wishes.  (Written by Valerie Franck on Feb. 19, 2020) val.franck@comcast.net

 >  (Jan 4, 2020) Juanita Leno passed away on December 30, 2019 at the U of M Hospital.  For 25 years, she worked in the business office for the Prior Lake School District.   Link to Juanita Leno Obituary