#719 Retired Teachers

(October 4, 2016)

(This page is produced and edited by PLS retired teachers...)


 The email addressess have been updated with new info as of this date.  Please go to the Email Addresses page on this web page and verify the accuracy of your address.  Thank you.


<  Oct 4 Shawn Beaudette, President of PLSEA

We had our first PLSEA Retiree Advisory Council meeting on September 22nd at The Pointe in Prior Lake. We were able to establish the purpose of the group, and set some parameters as to who should be involved, and how often we would meet. The purpose is really summed up in three main points: 

  • provide the history, experience and expertise to our current and future PLSEA leaders to ensure we continue to have a strong organization
  • stay connected and involved with the union 
  • participate in PLSEA events

I would really like to see this group be more of a fluid group rather than one set group of people. The idea would be to meet once per quarter and whomever can show up to each meeting is who should be there. I will continue to send messages to Terry Hurni to be posted on the retiree web page. I also do a PLSEA newsletter once a month so I will send that link to Terry when they are published. Here is the link to the one from September.