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Last Update: Sep 28, 2019

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> (Sep 28, 2019)  Ron Brazier, spouse of Beth, passed away (submitted)

The date to honor Ron Brazier is Tuesday, October 1.  Visitation is at Shepherd of the Lake Lutheran Church from 11:30-12:46.  The service itself will commence at 1:00 at the same location.  Following that will be a celebration of life at Fong's Restaurant and Bar where we hope you will join us for drinks, appetizers, and stories.

 Link To Ron Brazier Obituary





What the changes mean

To ensure that TRA is sustainable for future generations of retired educators, changes to the plan are sometimes necessary. Legislation passed in 2018 immediately reduced TRA liabilities by $2.0 billion, increased the funded ratio to 75 percent (from 70 percent), and put the plan on track to be 92 percent funded in 30 years.


Changes affecting retirees


1/1/2019 – 1/1/2023 = 1.0 percent

1/1/2024 = 1.1 percent

1/1/2025 = 1.2 percent

1/1/2026 = 1.3 percent

1/1/2027 = 1.4 percent

1/1/28 and thereafter = 1.5 percent


Beginning 7/1/2024, eligibility for receipt of first COLA changes to normal retirement age (age 65-66, depending on date of birth). Exempt: members who retire under Rule of 90, and members who retire at least age 62 with at least 30 years of service credit.


A trigger that would have increased the COLA if TRA were at least 90 percent funded for two consecutive years was eliminated.

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 2019 (Known) Obituaries

(May 8, 2019) James C. Hollenbeck (middle school Social Studies teacher) Link To Jim Hollenbeck Obituary

> (May 5, 2019) David K. Mikkelson (long time employee of PLS schools) Link to Dave Mickellson Obituary